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Upcoming Events!

  Strings is Here!!

Mrs. Bell's class will start the year doing strings and Mrs. Mills's class will end the year doing strings! 

We will have practice every Monday and Tuesday Morning from 8:30-9:10. 

I am looking forward to watching these blooming artists grow!

What about Homework?

5th graders should be reading outside of school at least 20 minutes a day in a book that is "just right" for them (not too easy and not too challenging).  

      Parents: Asking your child about what they are reading and listening to your child will not only help you know if the books are too easy or too difficult but is a great way to grow their love of reading outside of school.

      Students: Share with your parents all you have been reading and learning! They want to know! 

Did you remember to bring your book home to read?